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The man behind the marketing strategies used in John Reese's Traffic Secrets, Frank Kern's Mass Control, Jason Potash's Article Announcer, Rich Schefren's Elite Coaching Club, Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkin's StomperNet, and Yanik Silver's Underground Online Seminar ... 6 of the most successful product launches in the Internet Marketing industry, has announced the follow up to his own best selling home study course, Product Launch Formula ...

Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula 2!
... IS CLOSED To New Members ... For Now.

Jeff Is Opening The Doors For An Unspecified Period
Of Time On
Sunday, November 29th 2009!

Product Launch Formula 2.3 Plus

Free Video #1 - "Foodstamps To 6 Figures (John Gallagher)"

Free Video #2 - "Horizontal Helix"

Free Video #3 - "The Lost La Jolla Tapes (With Frank Kern & Eben Pagan)"

Free Video #4 - "Product Launch Blueprint"

Free Video #5 - "From No List To Six Figures (Todd Brown)"

Free Video #6 - "Death Of Launches"

Free Video #7 - "Product Launch Formula Blueprint Part 2"

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