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Corey Rudl - Corey Rudl, the "Internet Marketing Guru's Guru", and CEO of The Internet Marketing Center ( ballooned his one-man basement operation into a $6.6 million Internet company -- on a shoestring budget ...

Corey's The Insider Secrets To Email Marketing, The Secrets To Their Success (Popular), and Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet-2004 (New!) more ...

Marlon Sanders - Marlon Sanders is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of Internet Marketing. His "The Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy", is one of the most popular Internet Marketing courses of all time. CashLikeClockwork, Gimme My Money Now, The Digital Product Creation System, and The Associate Program Handbook, are also among his many achievements ... 16 top notch, Internet Marketing courses and software best sellers, in all!

Marlon's Amazing Formula (Popular), CashLikeClockWork, Marketing Dashboard (New!), "These 7 Secrets Make You Cash Like Clockwork" Ebook (Free Download), more ...

Ken Evoy - Ken Evoy is the founder of SiteSell Inc. and the creator of the revolutionary Web site-building system, Site Build It! Dr. Evoy is also the author of a series of widely-acclaimed "best on the Net" e-commerce books and courses, which have empowered hundreds-of-thousands of people and small businesses around the world to succeed on the Web. Due to Dr. Evoy’s efforts, the SiteSell brand is highly-respected by top influential Internet business personalities around the world.

Ken's SiteBuildIt! (Popular), Affiliate Masters Course (Popular), Webmaster Business Masters Course (New!) (free downloads), more.


Mark Joyner - The world-renowned pioneer of TWO different Multi-Million Dollar Internet industries, the founder of and ROIbot, and the best selling author of Mind Control Marketing.

Mark's Farewell, Free Agent Path (Popular), Joyner Secrets (New!), articles, more ...

Yanik Silver - The owner of, and author of Instant Sales Letters, Instant Internet Profits, 33 days to Online Profits VIDEO Enhanced Tutorial eBook (w/ Jim Edwards), Autoresponder Magic, Million Dollar Emails, and others. Co-authored by Yanik Silver, Cindy Kappler and Jeff Grant, "Online Marketing Secrets Uncovered" (New!) is not just another downloadable product - it comes complete with a 3-ring binder containing a fill-in-the-blank workbook, a spiral bound manual, and a set of 4 CDs containing 92 minutes of one-on-one video tutorials, a giant swipe file, a quick start audio and several bonuses and special reports.

Yanik's Birthday Bash (New!), more ...

Neil Shearing - Since late 1997, Neil has been promoting ethical business online. There are far too many scams and illegal schemes for the unwary to fall prey to. Neil's provides resources and products to help people start and build successful businesses online.

Neil's ScamFreeZone product/service line.

Armand Morin - Armand Morin has made MILLIONS of dollars Online, by developing ingenious, time (and money) saving software for Internet Marketers, including AudioGenerator, FlashPalGenerator, PopOver™Generator, eBookGenerator, eCoverGenerator, ToolbarGenerator, InstantPDFGenerator, HeaderGenerator, more.

Armand's line of GoGenerator Internet Marketing software, MyAffiliateCenter (New!), Internet Marketing Basics 101 (New!), more ... - Let Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill,'s co-founders, help you uncover the hidden profits in your business and boost your profits.

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill's NitroMarketing line of Internet Marketing tools, software, and services, including NitroWebCasts, AffiliateBootCamp, NameStick, NitroListBuilder, NitroAffiliates, more.

Paul Myers - Paul Myers, renowned owner/publisher of TalkBiz News, is highly regarded as one of the most intelligent and innovative Internet Marketing professionals, especially in regards to Online publishing issues and strategies.

Paul's Amazing List Machine, ezine/newsletter list building course (Popular), more ...

Jimmy D. Brown - Jimmy D. Brown, one of the web's most acclaimed internet marketing consultants, and the owner of

A complete line of Jimmy's infoproducts (courses, software) to sell as your own, more ...

Jim Edwards - Jim Edwards is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who started developing and marketing online back in the "dark ages" of 1997.

Jim's eBook Secrets Exposed (New!), and Turn Words Into Traffic courses, eBookFire (Popular), more ...

Jason Potash - Jason Potash is the creator of EzineAnnouncer (Popular) ezine and article submission software, and co creator of

Jason's SeminarAnnouncer (New!) Internet Marketing course seminar announcement service, Internet Marketing software, and more ...

Harvey Segal - Harvey Segal has been a niche marketing specialist since 1997, and is the owner own

Harvey's 101 Supertips (New!) Internet Marketing course (free download).

Paul Barrs - Paul Barrs runs a successful Home Based Business as a Business Coach, teaching other budding Home Business Operators how to get started towards their own profitable Business Adventure, and is the creator of
The Complete Guide to Home Business Success! (Popular)

Paul's Traffic Secret, site promotion course ebook (free download).

I wish you much success, utilizing the aforementioned Internet Marketing courses, software, and services, of our recommended Internet Marketing masters. ;)

Mike Merz
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