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"Adrian Ling's - developing innovative and specialized ClickBank software (easyClickMate and CB-Switch) and scripts for your Online Business (easyClick404)".

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Adrian Ling's Spyware Secrets Exposed

easyClickMate - The Original ClickBank Affiliate Management Tool!


NEW Version 4
Build 1.9!

easyClickMate - ClickBank Affilate Management Software ... and More!

  • Sell multiple products - from multiple websites - using just ONE ClickBank account.
  • Boost your ranking in the ClickBank Marketplace with a single stroke.
  • 100% compatible with ClickBank's Hoplink and e-Hoplink (enhanced hoplink)
  • Build an army of loyal affiliates easily with this powerful tool.
  • Receive email notification each time your affiliates make a sale.
  • Boost your Page Rank in search engines by using the power of Link-Popularity.

easyClickMate Special Offer!

easyClick404 - Turn Your 404 Errors Into Profits!


easyClick404 - 404 Error Redirect Script

easyClick404 will alert you via email the instant it detects an error, choose the most relevant, correct page and redirect the visitors to it ... visitors that would have previously received a 404 error message!

Stop loss of sales/traffic when ...

  • you place an ezine ad.
  • your affiliate places an ezine ad.
  • you write and submit an article.
  • when you post to/answer discussion forums.

CB-Switch ... The Intelligent Payment Processor Switching Software

NEW! CB-Switch

NEW! CB-Switch - ClickBank Downtime Alert and Payment Redirect Script.

In a nutshell, whenever a potential buyer clicks on your Order Links, CB-Switch will "detect" if ClickBank is available - if it is, the payment will proceed normally.

If it detects that Clickbank is offline, then it will automatically switch over to your backup processor so that you will not lose the sale.

You have the ability to redirect potential customers to a page featuring options of your choosing.

Who is Adrian Ling?

Adrian Ling and family.

Adrian Ling has a BSc. with Honours in Electronic Engineering. He's been a system administrator, a programmer, a developer, and presently, CTO of
His lovely wife Tricia, holds a Honours Degree in English and is currently the "Home Affairs" minister. Their daughter Fara, well, she's the CEO - what else does she need ? :-)

Harvey Segal Recommends easyClickMate.

"Quandary ! I wanted to launch a second product with ClickBank and sell it via affiliates. Only two options possible: place it on the same page as the first (very restrictive) or spend $49 to open a new account.

Problem solved with easyClickMate. Now I will launch EVERY future product with this tool; and also notify all my existing affiliates about this versatile tool.

Plus there's a real helpful person at the end of the line. Thanks Adrian."

Harvey Segal

Neil Shearing Recommends easyClick404.

"Adrian, this is dynamite! Many marketers are losing thousands of dollars by displaying ugly, unfriendly 404 pages. You've found a great solution to this problem!

I love how your script tries to guess the correct page, and forwards the visitor to it!

I also love how it emails the webmaster with the bad link AND the referring page so that the bad link can be fixed quickly and easily!

Your script will save me hours of work and thousands of dollars in sales... what a bargain!

Excellent work, my friend!"

Best Regards,
Neil Shearing, Ph.D.

Important easyClickMate Sidenote ...
and Special Time Sensitive Offer!

The latest version of easyClickMate, version 4, release 1.9, includes CB-Switch technology ... at NO additional cost.

Plus ... for a limited time, Adrian has graciously offered to install easyClickMate for friends of Mike Merz ... absolutely FREE (a $25 value)!

Here's what you need to do ...

1) Order easyClickMate through this link.

2) After purchase, send me an email (remove NOSPAM,first) with the subject "easyClickMate Install".

Once your payment is confirmed, I'll forward your request to Adrian ... that's it!

I Want My easyClickMate ... and FREE Installation!


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