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About Me...

Well, here goes...

My name is Mike Merz, full time Marketer (20+ years), part time
Internet Marketer (4+ years, and working on making it full time...),
and Internet Marketing consultant for the last 2 1/2 years.

The bulk of the latter has been spent helping those new to this
wondrous and potentially rewarding field launch their initial online
campaigns (That doesn't mean that I ignore those with experience
that need a little assistance, I assure you!).

I'm a bit of a "jack of all trades", acting as owner, webmaster,
writer, editor, publisher, advertiser, support, etc., you name it.
I'm also the owner of the Top5News Group, which encompasses
a number of lists, a couple of newsletters, and handful of sites,
one of which you're gazing at right now.

I've tried to make learning about Internet Marketing a fun
experience for my students and members, adding a bit of
playfulness and sarcasm to my teachings.

I'm a "link rat", having over 800 bookmarks to sites that I have
enjoyed over the last 4 years, many of which I've shared with my

I've also been fortunate enough to have personal interaction
with some pretty important people in our field:

Allan Gardyne (look, look, I'm at the top of his "friends" archive...!),
Shelley Lowery (I finally got it right...;), Merle, Kim Skinner,
Andy Brocklehurst (I actually had the honor of moderating one of my
first groups with him... hi, Andy!), Chris Pirillo (yes, the "LockerGnome"
himself!), Sherry "Ma Belle"Arrieta (where have you been lately?),
Marie Williams (she's "MIA", too. What's up?), Rozey Gean, Brian Alt,
Todd Kelner, Michael Southon, Johannes F. Garrido,
and the list goes on.

(Whether or not they were happy to interact with *me* is another
story...; ).

I've written articles that have been accepted by many of the top
directories, some of which I get many personal requests for.
I am an Internet Marketing expert, currently ranked
#2 (out of a field of 425...), and enjoy a 5 out of 5 star rating for
my responses. I am also a contributing editor for

My personal side has me living in Fords, N.J., USA, with my 2 sons,
Michael (17), and Randy (13), who happen to be computer geeks in
their own right (without a doubt more adept at using them than their
Dad is!). I also have a daughter, Sharon (19), and Grandson Jerry
(2, and not at all terrible:).

Well, now that I've let you into my world a little bit, it's time
to get to the heart of the matter; letting me into yours!

Let's "interact"!

Mike Merz
Top5News Group

I'd like to thank the following people for the individual attention
and support they gave me prior to, during, and after the
initial construction phase of Internet Marketing For Newbies

Allan Gardyne, Shelley Lowery, Kim Skinner, Jim Daniels,
and Neil Shearing, all giants in the field, yet they made time
to give me personal assistance.

I'd also like to thank Hugo Feliciano and Tony Stisi, fellow
Marketers and dear friends, for their non-biased criticism.
Special thanks to my son Mike, for his much needed advice
on site design (at which he kicks my butt!;).

Thanks everyone!

"Mike provides top notch advice regarding getting your business seen
online, regardless of the size or nature of your site."

-Adi Gaskell

Thanks, Adi!